Getting close to the animals at Easton Farm Park

Getting close to animals at Easton Farm Park

This family enjoyed a magical moment at Easton Farm Park. Their timing was perfect for a real up close and personal experience. Memories the whole family will cherish.

Perfect place to find things to do for young children
A family gathers around to see a baby goat
Children's attraction, Easton Farm Park
A little girl gets a moment to cherish with a baby goat
A farm Park for young families
Milk time for the baby goat
Fun for all the family at Easton Farm Park
Dad introduces the baby goat
Feeding time at Easton Farm Park, family Attraction
A little girl feeds a baby goat
Kids, Lambs and more at Easton Farm Park
A young family see the young new born animals at Easton Farm Park
Baby goats at Easton Farm Park
Stand still and I will climb on you

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