Our Suffolk Punch is expecting a foal

Suffolk Punch at Easton Farm Park

Lily our Suffolk Punch is keeping us on tenterhooks, she is currently 9 days over the due date we were given. The experienced team here are certain that the foal will arrive the early part of next week.

It is amazing to think that the foal when born is likely to weigh 14 stone. That is the weight of a grown man!

The Suffolk Punch is a rare breed and we delighted to have 4 mares at Easton Farm Park. If all goes well, we will soon have 5 Suffolk Punch’s here.

Suffolk Punch's at Easton Farm Park
Suffolk Punch horses grazing in the sunshine

The team at BBC Radio Suffolk are in touch daily, eagerly awaiting our new arrival because they are looking to adopt our new born foal. Mark Murphy, BBC Radio Suffolk’s morning presenter¬† will be amongst the first to hear when the Suffolk Punch foal is born.

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