The Suffolk Punch

Meet mother and son, they love a gentle pat on the head

As very proud owners of Suffolk Punch horses we are very conscious about the sensitivity of the future of the breed. It was a surprise for us to hear about the recent news that the Suffolk Punch is more at risk than the Giant Panda.

Star out on enjoying fresh grass and sunshine
Star out on enjoying fresh grass and sunshine


Experts have calculated that the breed has as little as 10 years to be saved. Whilst this is terrible news it doesn’t mean that there will be no Suffolk Punches left in 10 years, a healthy horse will live over 20 years.

We had a foal last year and have a plans to keep producing a foal each year. Lily shown below is expected to have a foal at the end of April or beginning of May. Poppy is away at the moment at the Suffolk Punch Trust where she is meeting her stallion and hopefully will be expecting in 11 months time. The concern about the “10 years” term relates to the gene pool and the need to look at the breeding programmes, this is where valuable organisations like the Suffolk¬†Horse Society offer excellent support.


Mum to be Lily


On BBC Radio Suffolk this morning Jordan Bailey, manager of Easton Farm Park was speaking to Mark Murphy about the situation. Mark is helping to build awareness about the importance of supporting the Suffolk Punch, there are various ways you can help, visiting businesses like ours, The Suffolk Punch Trust, Rede Hall Farm Park – for further support there is a very important organisation called the Suffolk Horse Society, joining this organisation will directly help the breed.

Mary soaking up the early morning sun
Mary soaking up the early morning sun

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