A great outdoor play area

Children can enjoy the great adventure play area

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Quads, that surprised us

Ewe will be amazed! 15.03.18

The team at Easton Farm Park have been astounded this year with the arrival of two sets of …

Getting close to animals at Easton Farm Park

Getting close to the animals at Easton Farm Park 08.03.18

This family enjoyed a magical moment at Easton Farm Park. Their timing was perfect for a real up …

Smiling lamb

Snowmageddon News 03.03.18

There are lots of new baby lambs and kids to see at the Farm which will be open …

Baby goats being fed at Easton Farm Park

Lambs and kids, new arrivals at Easton Farm Park 13.02.18

Come along to Easton Farm Park and see all the new arrivals – it is wonderful to see …