New Suffolk Punch Foal

Easton Farm Park are delighted to announce the arrival of General Easton, a Suffolk Punch colt foal, who arrived on the farm park in the early hours of Saturday 27th April.

Born to “Easton Mary” one of the Easton Farm Parks’ four mares, the little Generals’ father is Shotleyfield Dazzling. His arrival has delighted the team at the farm park who saw another foal born about the same time last year called “Harry”, who is now working in Windsor.

The name of the new Suffolk Punch was selected as a tribute to a celebrated local character. John Newson, who sadly passed away earlier this year. John was often referral to as “Mr Easton”, and commonly known as “the General” amongst his friends, family and village locals. The foal has been named in honour of General Newson for his devotion to village life.

Suffolk Punch horses are now critically endangered with fewer than 500 registered across the whole world. The breeds’ demise came with the introduction of modern-day machinery taking over their roles out in the fields on farms.