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Easton Farm Park sits on the edge of the stunning Victorian village of Easton. Behind the famous serpentine wall which snakes through the village there used to lie Easton Mansion. During the 1800s this was owned by the Duke and Duchess of Hamilton.

As was the “trend” during the late 1800s the Victorian landowners built Model Farms, each more ornate than the next.

The buildings at Easton Farm Park were the Model Farm for the Easton Estate. They are beautiful brick buildings with ornate edging on the buildings to make a distinctive and very pleasing site.

William Kerr moved down from the west coast of Scotland on 11th October 1938 to set up a dairy farm in Suffolk. The Easton Estate was being dispersed at this time and he took the tenancy on the Model Farm and the neighbouring Abbey Farm and Office Farm, Letheringham.

However, as farming became more mechanised the Victorian buildings at Easton were increasingly difficult to use for modern farming. They became redundant in the early 1970s.

William’s son, Jimmy, was on a farming trip in Holland and visited an educational farm. He set about creating his own educational farm using the beautiful buildings and land at Easton. Despite some initial planning difficulties the farm was set up as a farm park and bygone museum and has continued in a similar vein since 1974.

Several generations of Suffolk children (and beyond) have now visited Easton Farm Park and had their first hands on experience of farm animals and the countryside here.


The farm is now run by William’s daughter-in-law Jill Kerr and her daughter Fiona.

Many of the buildings have had many different lives during their 130 year life and we hope that they will continue to thrive and tell their story of the history of Easton.

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