Activities at Easton Farm Park

11.00 am Hug a Bunny

Hug a bunny is a very firm favourite on the farm. For some children this is their very first experience of handling animals. It is not unusual to see some reluctance and nerves but our trained staff soon settle the youngsters down and the grins appear on their faces as they stroke the bunnies and Guinea Pigs

Handling the animals.JPG

11.30 am The Barrel Bug Ride

Fun in a bug.jpg

12.00 noon Meet the Animals

Feeding the animals.JPG

1.00pm Hug a Bunny

hug a bunny 3.JPG

1.30 pm "Family" Train ride

Family Train Ride.JPG

2.00 pm Hold a Chick


2.30 pm The "Barrel Bug" ride

Barrel Bug.jpg

3.00 pm Meet the Animals

Concentrating on the grooming.JPG

4.00 pm Hug a Bunny

Wonderful bunnies.JPG

RSPB Nature Explorer on the Green Trail

Nature Explorer.JPG

RSPB Nature Explorer - Into the Woods

Into the Woods.JPG

Adventure Play Area

A great outdoor play area.jpg

Enormous Bouncy Pillow

Exercise and fun in one.jpg

Find the activities in the woods

Into the woods 1.JPG
Into the woods 2.JPG
Into the woods 3.JPG
Into the woods 4.JPG

Pond Dipping

Pond Dipping.JPG

Pond Meadow Tractor Park

Pond Meadow Tractor Trail.JPG

Mini Farm Trail

Most of our larger animals roaming around the larger fields can be seen clearly. Our mini farm trail provides families with the opportunity to get much closer to our goats, pigs, sheep and all the young animals.

Mini Farm Trail.JPG