Adopt an animal at Easton Farm Park

Easton Farm Park is a family-run farm and visitor attraction with a commitment to high quality farm stock and preserving the continuation of some of our rarest breeds.

We work with the Suffolk Horse Society to breed our Suffolk Punch mares although, having lost our lovely Easton Mary in 2019, we are pinning all our hopes on being able to breed our remaining brood mare,

Easton Lily.


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Check out our adorable animals to adopt

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Animal Adoption

Easton Farm Park is a family-run farm with a commitment to farming education and high-quality farm livestock as well as preserving the continuation of some of the world’s most rare breeds.

Our highest priority programme at the moment aims to increase the numbers of the critically endangered Suffolk Punch horse, part of our local heritage.

Our adoption programme means you are able to help us continue our breeding programme and contribute to the welfare of all our amazing animals on the farm. 

Animal adoption is the unique gift that keeps on giving, a great present for adults and children alike.

Adopting an animal can make a real difference to the whole farm and all the animals we care for.

We have introduced a category adoption rather than individual animals - you can adopt the whole herd, flock or gaggle so there’s plenty to see when you visit!

Please make sure to note on checkout which name you want the certificate to be in.

Why adoption matters

Every year we spend more and more on feeding our animals, making their beds comfortable and clean every day and ongoing improvements to their environments to give them all the best life possible on the farm.

We have received requests from our visitors and friends to create an adoption package and every penny that comes in will go towards improving and supporting the wonderful animals on the farm that we call our friends, and to maintaining and supporting breeding programmes for those in danger.

We really appreciate your help and support and so do all our furry friends.


Thank you, from the Easton Farm Park team