Our adoption programme means you will be able to help keep our animals safe and well in this unprecedented time. Your sponsorship will contribute to the welfare of all our amazing animals onsite. 


Every year, we spend more than £100,000 on feeding the animals at the farm. Vet and farrier bills cost another £10,000 and repairs and maintenance more than £40,000.

The majority of our income comes from the tourism side of the business - but we have understandably lost a significant amount whilst being unable to operate during the coronavirus lockdowns. 

We are preparing for lean times ahead and have made out adoption packages in response to many requests we have had from our supporters.

We appreciate your help and support.

Adopt an animal at Easton Farm Park

Easton Farm Park is a family-run farm and visitor attraction with a commitment to high quality farm stock and preserving the continuation of some of our rarest breeds.

We work with the Suffolk Horse Society to breed our Suffolk Punch mares although, having lost our lovely Easton Mary in 2019, we are pinning all our hopes on being able to breed our remaining brood mare,

Easton Lily.