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Lily and Poppy

Suffolk Punch Horses

Lily and Poppy, our beautiful Suffolk Punch mares are part of a critically endangered species. Having sadly lost our breeding mare Mary in 2019, we are pinning all our hopes on being able to breed our remaining brood mare, Easton Lily.


Mav and Roo 


Mav and Roo were kindly gifted to Easton Farm Park in 2020. Their quirky characters soon became a hit for both staff and visitors. 



Boer Goat

Carlos the Boer goat came to Easton Farm Park alongside two female Boers in 2018. Originally Carlos was named Cara as we had purchased three nanny's... however Carlos turned out to be a wether (castrated male goat)!

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Easy Care Sheep

Tinkerbelle the Easy Care Sheep was born in March 2015 and was hand-raised at the farm; resulting in her being the friendliest sheep of them all!

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Pinky and Perky 

Saddleback Pigs

Pinky and Perky the pigs were born in 2020. Their mum is Alison the Saddleback Pig. These two soon became a firm favourite with their cheeky ways. They are often spotted laying over their door, on the lookout for some grub!


The Red Poll cows

Red Poll Cows

The Red Poll is a cross of the Norfolk Red beef cattle and Suffolk Dun dairy cattle breeds.

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