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Animals to Adopt

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Suffolk Punches

Our three lovely punches

We are delighted that our sole remaining Suffolk Punch, Lily, has now been joined by her daughter Ruby, and her granddaughter Hope.  We lost one of our bloodlines in 2020 when Easton Mary died, but hope, through this programme, to -reintroduce this second breeding line in the future.



Mav & Roo

Mav & Roo look permanently befuddled by life on the farm, but are kind and cuddly on the sly.



Boers, Pygmys and Toggenburgs

Led by Dudley, our billy goat, we now have three different breeds – the Pygmys, Boers and Toggenburgs.  They are the bounciest of all the animals and love a spot of goat yoga on the farm.

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Martha, Mabel, Maverick

Maverick, Mary, Mabel and Martha are the farm choir, particularly at feeding time.  They are a firm favourite with campers on the farm!


Bunnies and Guinea pigs 

Our lovely bunnies

We have recently built lovely new habitats for these cuddly cuties who love to be hugged at the regular handling sessions



Our lovely ducks

During lockdown we built a new duck area and pond for the ducks.  They have been a bit curtailed during the bird flu restrictions but we can’t wait to get them back on the pond as soon as possible. 



Tinkerbelle and the crew

We have been increasing our flock so, alongside our faithful Texels, we now have Boreray and the unmissable Swiss Valais Boy Band

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The Pigs

Pinky, Perky, Hilda and crew

Pinky & Perky, Hilda and the crew live the life of riley on the farm, often taking themselves for a wander round out of hours.  Hilda loves to attend meet the animals, taking a daily scratch against whatever she can find



Red Poll, long horn and Highlands.

The Red Poll is a cross of the Norfolk Red beef cattle and Suffolk Dun dairy cattle breeds.



Roxy, Hickory, Billy and crew

They may be small, but they have huge attitude!  Our lovable and cheeky Shetland ponies that many of you will have ridden, include Tom Thumb, Coco Bean and cheeky Honey to name but a few



Our chickens of Cluckingham Palace!

The chicken pens have been rebuilt and smartened up as we are looking to renew our flock with some distinctive rare breeds and some hardy layers to share with you the vast array of chicken breeds.  


Easton Farm Park:

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