The Farm


The magic of the farm can be found by meeting our animals. They are the life and soul of the farm, and are real characters

All children should grow up knowing what the wool on a sheep feels like, they should have witnessed how enquiring pigs can be, how tall a Suffolk Punch is. All the animals make different noises, see the children smile as they see and hear for themselves; the cows mooing, chickens clucking, goats bleating and so much more. They should understand the smells on a farm, the musty smell of wet straw, the animal feed and the aroma of the animals. Children can touch and hold the small animals and safely stand next to them. See the awe and excitement as their experiences mount up. Pony rides and a multitude of events are all included in the ticket price.

Parents can relax, the environment is clean and safety is our priority.

Summer on the farm is a lovely time with the baby animals all starting to grow and offers a fantastic place to run around and let off steam during the school holidays.

Wet Weather

If the weather turns against us, as it can suddenly do, take shelter in the indoor soft play barn, or visit the Barmy Barn Café for a cappuccino or hot chocolate. There are several big barns in which to take cover and enjoy your picnic.

Our ‘Go Barmy’ Barn is proving a great hit – an indoor air cannons play centre for under 10s , with a safe toddler section, big play area, newspapers & WiFi for parents and some delicious healthy food & drinks. Join the Easton Farm Park Barmy Army – whatever the weather!

Craft Workshops

The Blacksmith’s Forge is now run by the resident blacksmith, Robert Swanscott who operates mainly in the afternoons at the Forge and will be available for commissions.

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