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Easton Farm Park has received its Learning Outside the Classroom Certification. Please ask for more details.

The Year of Food and Farming in education in 2008 was co-ordinated to help schools meet their objectives with regard to the Healthy Schools Initiative, Growing Schools, Learning Outside the Classroom and healthy eating priorities. We are delighted at Easton Farm Park to be one of the nationally accredited Farms for Schools and, as a result of the year, have developed a new suite of farm-based activities which we hope will enable schools to meet some of these requirements.

The price includes 2 activities.


Please call on 01728 746475 or email at to request an educational trip guide and tool kit.

The Educational Activities we offer are:

Mildred Talk:  An interactive talk demonstrating milk production.  Do not worry – this is not a real cow and is great fun for the children.  The children will gain an understanding of where milk comes from and how it ends up in a bottle.

Suffolk Punch Talk:  Meet one of our friendly Suffolk Punch Horses and find out how horses were used in farming before the invention of tractors

Egg Collecting and Hold a Chick:  Children will be able to hold and feel the chick and maybe even see some chicks hatch in our incubator.  They will also be able to collect eggs from our poultry pens and write with a quill pen made from some of our bird feathers. They will also gain an understanding about egg and chick development.

Pond Dipping:  Children will be able to dip their fishing nets into the pond and put their “catch” into buckets.  They will be given printed sheets to help them identify and document some of the creatures they have caught.

Mini Beast Hunt:  A discover and learn topic.  The children will examine a pre-determined part of the woodland and examine that area for mini-beasts.  They will be given printed sheets to help them identify what they have seen.  They will be able to observe and name a range of insects found on the farm, discover their habitat, find out what they eat and their importance in the food chain.

Lunch Detectives:  In this session, we learn about the relationship between food and farming by looking a the contents of a typical lunchbox.  The children will be able to gain an understanding of where various foods come from and what processes some foodstuffs have to go though before reaching our tables.

Lamb Feeding* The children will be able to help bottle feed some of our lambs and learn about sheep in general, what products we get from them and how these products are used.

*If you would like this activity, please check with the farm office before booking as this activity is only available in the Spring and when we have lambs available to bottle feed.

We also offer some fun activities for the children and there are:

Tractor & trailer rides around the Green Trail

Barrel bug ride

Hug a bunny

Family train ride

Notes for Teachers: A free pre-visit is recommended as you know the abilities and capabilities of the children in your care.

We have a full health & safety policy and are inspected regularly by the Suffolk County Council Education Department. Please also ask for a full list of our educational options – this list is by no means exhaustive and we can tailor a package for any keystage, including GCSE and beyond.


The price for school or group visits in 2019 (10 or more pupils):





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